September Mourning, a scripted TV series, follows a human-reaper hybrid who gives human souls a second chance, thus causing a war on earth with Fate. The story follows characters from the 4-part comic book series and is designed to work both as a standalone story and as part of the multi-platform concept. September Mourning’s manager and cult horror film producer, Andy Gould (who produced all of Rob Zombie’s films including the controversial and critically acclaimed Lionsgate Films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, as well as Zombie’s re-imagining of the horror classics Halloween 1&2) will be a producer on this series, which will be based on the comic’s main characters. September is working with iconic comic book artist Marc Silvestri, who started out on the original X-MEN comics and writer David Hine who has written many classic characters for mainstream comics including SPider-Man Noir, X-MEN, The Inhumans, Daredevl, Batman, Green Lantern, The Spirit, Spawn and The Darkness.